My six-year-old son, Landon, and I loved being a part of this FANTASTIC 'Paint the Town' Event today in Downtown Rutherfordton today

It was a bit chilly, and the wind wasn't helping, but in spite of this the turnout was phenomenal and the 'Curb Appeal' of Downtown Rutherfordton definitely reaped the benefits of everyone's hard work!  

This is a very 'family-friendly' event, where lots of kids participated with their parent's and were able to put their special touches into the creative window art. 

To be honest, heading into this I was a little nervous about how much Landon would be able to do at his age and if the other business owners would want a child's art on their windows, so we stuck to our own building just in case. 

To my surprise, he did extremely well with the majority of our outline and tracing from the template we were provided, and I then went behind and put the finishing touches on the areas that needed it. And, as I witnessed other projects as we walked the streets, I learned there's plenty of fun activities suitable for all ages, and I'd highly encourage everyone to plan to be a part of this event next year and don't be afraid to bring the little ones with you.  

One last note ... I'd like to give a BIG 'Thank You' to Leniece Lane for organizing and executing such a special event, as well as the Town of Rutherfordton for all you're doing to make Downtown Rutherfordton great again! 👍🏼