If you missed us LIVE on our Facebook Page, you can watch a replay of our LIVE 'Q&A' session with Charles & Brad in the video below or in THIS LINK.

If you'd like to skip straight to a specific question you can do so using the guide below:

[2:36] "Can you show me houses listed with other agents/firms?"

[4:16] "How much does a Home Inspection cost?"

[11:50] "Which Town in Rutherford County has the best rate of sales?"

[12:42] "When do I need to get Pre-Approved?"

[21:05] "Would you say that City services offset costs and protect values of overall budgets?"

[23:10] "Is it worth the cost to hire a Home Stager?"

[29:30] "How long does it take to Close once you find a Home?"

[35:56] "When remodeling, what about Kitchens and Baths is most impactful on potential Buyers?"

[40:40] "What’s hot in the market right now(price/size) & what is needed in our market from a buyers perspective?"

[46:10] "What is supposed to stay in the home when we Sell?"

[52:34] "What sells better ... The smell of fresh cookies or pie?"

[53:28] "Is it better to rent or sell a house with the equestrian games coming?"

[55:36] "Home Warranties ... What are they and are they Worth it?"