Contrary to popular belief, the Winter can be a Fantastic time to Sell your home.  In the Video & Message below, we've outlined 5 of the Best Reasons we feel you should consider selling your home in the Winter.

1. Low Supply.  During this time of the year we traditionally see fewer homes listed for sale and that means you'll have a better chance at catching the attention of a buyer with less competition in the market.

2. Serious + Motivated Buyers.  People who are still looking during this time of year typically have a high desire to find a home that meets their needs.  It's true there may be fewer buyers in general, but the ones who are looking are Ready, Willing and Motivated to purchase and you don't want to miss those buyers.

3. More Time to Search.  More time off and less demanding work schedules mean buyers have more opportunities to search and complete their move. Especially the Relocation buyer up against a deadline that has to use this time off to visit the area and secure a purchase.

4. Holiday Decor.  Homes look great when decorated for the holidays and show well! When a buyer sees the home decked out for the holiday season they'll be able to latch on to an emotional connection and may be willing to pay a higher price or offer more favorable terms as a result.

5. Sell High, Buy Low.  If you're taking advantage of the lower supply and serious demand of the buyers in the Winter market then you'll be primed to be "house-free" and ready to buy in the Spring market when more sellers are ready to list their homes for sale. More supply in the Spring means you'll have more options to consider. As a result, you may be able to negotiate stronger because you're ready, willing and able to buy and other buyers may still need to sell if they avoided the Winter market.